Wholesome and tasty vegetarian food .

We are a little bit particular about the food we prepare and serve for our guests. The food we prepare and serve is tasty and wholesome vegetarian and vegan food. We use vegetables from our own organic gardens and then locally sourced fruit and vegetables. We spend a lot of time and care preparing the food for our guests, and make sure that it is nutritious as well as flavoursome. As a part of our Nourish in Nature Retreats, the food is integral in supporting the week of healthy wellbeing. Eating clean, freshly prepared wholefoods with minimal sweeteners will give our guests a boost of nutrition and nourishmen


organic gardens

A lot of the food we use for the retreat meals comes from our own organic vegetable gardens. We grow lots of different salad greens, herbs, carrots, beetroot, garlic, onions, tomatos, chard, kale, rocket, parsley, celery and summer berries.

What we don't grow ourselves we buy locally from the markets.

We also use our own olive oil which is cold pressed each year from our own organic olives, and local raw honey.


vegetarian &

vegan wholefood

The food we serve is approximately 80 percent vegan, and 30-40 percent raw.

Breakfast is served after yoga each morning, with seasonal fruits, a selection of cereals and toasted sourdough and local corn bread, home made gluten free breads, chia porridge and fruit porridge, and yogurt, accompanied by homemade jam or marmalade.

A selection of tea (green, black and herbal) and coffee is available throughout the day.


menu examples

Lunches are fresh garden salads, grain salads, falafel or spanish omelette. Usually served with a variety of raw dips, nut pates, and hoummus, with fresh vegetable crudites. Always accompanied with our home made gluten free breads. Evening meals include a variety of curries with biryani rice or coconut rice, vegetable noodles with stir-fried tofu & vegetables, moussaka and salad, spiced potatos with honey aubergine & couscous, or a hearty gluten-free and vegan lasagna (guests favourite).