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This is Fiona's website; with details on women's retreats in Portugal, yoga, movement and yoga nidra, recipes and other resources.

The embodied practices of yoga postures, breath and meditation allow us to drop into presence, restore balance in our system and  replenish our energy. With practice and conscious connection to our self and the world around us, we can start to understand our habitual behaviors and reactions, and work towards personal transformation.

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Holly Rose of Leotie Lovely - her poetic and sensitive response to coming on retreat in our recently fire affected part of Portugal

Having practiced yoga for over 20 years and working as a teacher for ten, Fiona’s breath led practices incorporate vinyasa, asana and nidra yoga, creating a transformative trifecta.

Wrapped in her warm guidance, we were taught to focus on alignment and release while honouring our limits; allowing us to abandon the ‘push it’ yoga many city-bound studios bolster, and gifting us with tools which would guide us to our goals with conscious care.

Fiona is deeply rooted, sharing a sense of solidity and strength
Fiona is a remarkably experienced and informed, yet humble, teacher. I was clued into how passionate and well-educated she is through casual conversation after class, in which we would ramble over a wide range of topics. She would bring up this branch of yoga, or that immersive workshop she participated in. To talk with Fiona is to realize just how little you know about yoga, to take a look through a peephole revealing just part of yoga’s breadth and depth. I sensed a kindred spirit in her curiosity and intelligence, her grounding in research and science. She even pulled a slim book out for me called Exposing Yoga Myths, which I devoured in one sitting. But despite her experience and knowledge, she was never prescriptive. She led us through the poses, but she never said we were doing it wrong. She never pushed us too hard, or questioned our choices. She even gave us permission to sleep during yoga nidra. “If you fall asleep, then sleep is what you need,” she said.

In a sense, the yoga we practiced with her was one of trusting our bodies and instincts, and allowing ourselves to actually and fully relax and love ourselves. This is such a contrast to what I and many others have experienced at festivals or classes in our respective cities, where yoga teachers tell us to try harder, you’re doing it wrong, you should be doing it this way. Instead, Fiona wandered about the room, with precise and helpful instructions, and the lightest of adjustments to our arms or hips.
At 7:30 we started our first yoga session of the week with Fiona a true powerhouse and yoga teacher who has taught yoga for over 10 years and whose strength you could sense from the very beginning. Fiona opened the practice with an introduction circle, followed by a rejuvenating yoga practice that borrowed elements from asana, vinyasa, as well as yoga nidra.

Ethical Unicorn - Francesca's post on her retreat experience ' I didn’t expect the external to fall away so suddenly and dramatically, and instead to find my life transformed from the inside. '

Annie of writing about her time with  us and how the retreat will influence her future blog writing.

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